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Introduction to Leadership

What is up Be the One family!

Leadership is key to a thriving life, and I want YOU to grow in your leadership! All believers are called by God to lead. There are people to help, problems that need attention, processes that need clarity, and pressure that makes leadership heavy. The difference between a church and a business when it comes to leadership is we fight for love because our CEO is God and God is Love. We also recognize everyone is at a different place in their leadership. As we look in the Bible, it's clear; leadership takes time to develop. Just because you led well in one area of life doesn't automatically mean that it transfers to every other area. As we dive into the process of leadership we want each leader to know that God has strategic steps in order to build your influence. The secondary function of this article is to help you grow in your personal leadership. We believe as you grow, so does everything around you. Growing in leadership will impact your home, relationships, career, hobbies, and church involvement. We are praying that you are known, loved, and challenged and that the Spirit of God would illuminate a concept or statement that helps you on your leadership journey.

Why is leadership needed?

We see that there is a leadership vacuum in our culture, homes, churches, and nation. Many have lost vision and don’t live with a purpose. We wake up everyday checking our boxes and getting mad at anyone who causes stress. As a society, we’ve lost the drive to lead because of pressure, lack of confidence, and the conflict of leading. Culturally, we demand happiness but very few are actually content. We’ve seen a rise in depression and anxiety as we strive to figure out our next step. Daily, we work with disgruntled employees, stressed out employers all in a super competitive market that is always putting people in a winner or loser bracket. With that said, it is hard for organizations to keep high quality employees. In fact, 83% of employees want to leave their jobs, according to a 2018 Talent Intelligence Survey completed by Harris Interactive and Eightfold.

That is why your leadership is so valuable. All organizations have one thing in common: They all need leaders. People who are committed to grow their own personal leadership by developing their capacity, character, courage and consistency over time. As we continue with this series my hope is that you submit to the process of leadership and that you learn how to grow in your leadership! I have a few questions that I want to leave you with. Who is a great leader in your own life and why did you pick them? How are you going to commit to grow in your leadership? Love ya, Pastor Steven Sexton

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