Upcoming Mission Opportunities:
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Why Be The One Missions

Our vision is to see young people touch ministry. When they do this, we believe it will activate their faith, elevate their understanding of whom they’re called to be, and cultivate the gifts that God has placed inside of them! There are many great conferences and camps that pour into young people, but we see little opportunity for them to give what they have received. As believers, Jesus gave us a mandate to “GO,” not just “sit.” During our outreaches, young people learn how to “DO” ministry, not just watch it. The “Why?” is simple... our team provides an opportunity for young people to BE THE ONE.

What Can I Expect 

You can expect to meet new friends, develop leadership skills, be challenged to grow, touch ministry, and connect with Jesus.


There are five different types of outreaches that make up Be The One Missions:

The Hangout – This is definitely a favorite! We all meet in a park, downtown area, or shopping mall and simply talk to people. We hand out free waters, goodie bags to children, or snacks. Young people get to share their testimony in a laid back and organic setting. In this outreach, our focus is making time to see people and always offering prayer. It’s amazing how loved the people we come in contact with feel!

Wash and Pray – One of the best ways to interact with people is through serving. We have seen so many lives touched, as every day people watch our groups wash their cars. The only payment we accept is that they allow a young person to pray for them. Many leave with tears in their eye and are encouraged.

Never Forgotten – We travel to nursing homes, children’s homes, government-run facilities, and homeless shelters. During this outreach, we serve, play and present the good news. It never fails that when the Be the One team walks in the atmosphere changes. The usual comments are “your team is different” or “you guys must have been working together for years.” Many teams come in and watch one person minister, but with the Be the One team's everyone comes to minister. That means everyone is loved on, connected with, and prayed for. This makes all the difference in these places where they feel forgotten and unloved.

Leader’s Appreciation – The young people learn about honor and how to show it. We find pastors and leaders and show appreciation to them with cards, gift bags, and meals. It is our heart to encourage those who encourage others.

The Community Carnival – We go into low-income apartments and parks and put on a community carnival! The young people set everything up, run the booths, give out candy and prizes, share their testimonies, and minister to everyone who comes out. We see the most salvations at our community carnivals, plus they’re a blast!!!

How do I started?

Check out our Internship, International Mission Trip, and/or Local Trip tabs to begin your summer with Be The One Ministries!

Important Information

Age: 12-19 (local) or 16-22 (international)

Deposit: $100 (local) or $300 (international & Internship) // $50 is non-refundable and non-transferable when submitting the application.

Deadline: There is a first come first serve policy. Our goal is to take 35 students on our local missions trips and 25 on our international trip.

Home Base: 2323 W Chestnut St. Roger AR, 72756

For further details and questions, email to alexis@betheoneministries.com.