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Why an Internship?

Be The One Internship is an internship designed for high school and college students to grow in their faith, and empower them to “Be the One” God has called them to be!

To adequately develop any individual there must be four major components.

1) Time – 10 weeks of intentional development. No matter what you do, if you put in the time you will see growth and maturity. We see this internship as a way to see God move mightily in the hearts of those who make the commitment. Make no mistake about it; this will be a huge summer commitment! For those ready to put in the time, they will benefit with powerful seeds sown that we believe will reap a great harvest.

2) Teaching -Our focus is to see young people:

a) Activate their faith- Once a young person sees that they are truly forgiven it will ignite and activate their faith.
b) Elevate their understanding- We see in scripture that freedom is open to all believers. For this generation to thrive, they need to know the life-changing power of God’s freedom. Through quality time with the Father, we believe this generation can break generational curses and overcome where the enemy would want them held captive. We are so excited about teaching young people that He is for them and He is a life-giving God.
c) Cultivate the future -It’s impossible to build the kingdom of God if we are distracted on other things. Broken focus always affects our impact. In our fast-paced, self-indulgent world it’s super easy to get thrown off target. Jesus clearly told us to build the Kingdom and everything else will be added to our lives.  We can’t wait to see young people use their giftings to touch and help others.  This will be a life-altering experience.

3 ) Training – Each applicant will work with the Be the One staff. There will be hands-on mentoring and ministry application. They aren’t just coming to sit in a class, they are going to do the work of the ministry.

4) Togetherness – We want interns to do life and connect with each other. The greatest way to bond is to serve together. Our interns will be in our homes, around our families and get an inside view of what a life-giving ministry and church look like.

What can I expect?

The internship lasts from May 26th to August 6th. This summer will not only be a lot of fun, but also includes hands-on ministry training, in-depth teachings by the Be The One and The House staff, and growth through life-giving relationships. If you commit to a summer of the Be The One Internship, you will see your impact and capacity grow like never before!

Ministry Training

You will work side by side with the Be The One staff. You will be given a role to take ownership of, as you develop your leadership and build your confidence. You will see all the inner workings that go into doing ministry daily!

In-Depth Training

On Monday nights there will be classes held at The House, taught by our experienced staff. Classes will cover topics such as leadership, evangelism, prayer, etc. These classes will be vital in elevating your understanding of what a biblically-based life is lived like!

Life-Giving Relationships

Relationships are important! While you are here at the internship, our goal is not for you to do life alone, we want to see you thrive in your relationships with other believers! We are intentional about providing a few main avenues in order to help you do this:

  1. Mentor relationships: As you are around our staff, we are not just looking to give you a lot of work to do. We want to impart truth into your lives. We want to set aside time each week to talk with you about your growth in your walk with Jesus and teach one-on-one concepts that you may not pick up in a class.

  2. Host-homes: Each one of you will have a host family that you stay with. These will all be solid families who have been faithful members of our church! They will receive a background check and training on how to relate with the Be The One intern. It is our intention that you would connect with them, and become a part of their family for the time that you’re with us.

  3. Community: Each week there will be a time where interns just go and spend some time together. Iron sharpens iron, so as you’re around each other, we want you to get to know one another. We believe that some of your best friends are going to come from the summer you spend here at Be The One.

Important Information

Age Requirements: 17- 22

Dates: May 26th- August 6th

Deposit: There is a $45 application fee when you fill out the form. This is nonrefundable and nontransferable, but will be used towards the total cost of your trip upon acceptance. 

Cost: $3,400


  1. Fill out the application.

  2. Upon receiving your application, we will call you within a week to set up a phone interview with one of our staff members.

  3. After that, we will notify you within a week of your acceptance or denial.

  4. If you have been notified of your acceptance, Alexis will email you with further instructions.


 *In the note section on Paypal, please include "First and Last name - Internship".


Raise money, if needed, by sending a letter to those who might want to sponsor you for this mission. Be The One Ministries is a certified 501C3. So all contributions are tax-deductible.​​

Be sure to add a note with your payment method about who and what the payment is for. If you do not we will not know if the donation is for Be The One Missions.


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