Getting Started Resources

1. Pray

At Be the One, our top priority is to Seek Him. By choosing to start a Be the One Activate Club, you can expect to have so much fun and make a significant impact in your school! There is no doubt that God will begin to use you to change the hearts of young people walking through the halls of your school. Begin to pray for favor from your school administration, confidence to recruit leaders and club members, and anointing as you share the weekly content given to you from Be the One. 

3.Gather support

  1. It will take a team of student leaders, a teacher sponsor, and parents to launch a club that will thrive in your school. It can take time to build your team, and that is okay. Even Jesus had to build a team of 12 disciples for his ministry! Having people partnering with you will strengthen your ability to bring the fun at your club meetings and have a greater impact in your school. 

  2. Follow these links to find out more info about building your leadership team, finding a teacher sponsor, and recruiting parents to help. 

  3. Leadership Team (2-3 people)

5. Make the plan

  1. Fill out the Activate Student Leader Sign Up Form to start your club! Once approved, we will make you an account and you will have access to Activate Club Resources (content, schedules, game ideas, etc)

  2. Once you’ve been approved by your school administration and Be the One, it’s time to get down to the details! Set a place, day, and time for your club to meet (the most common meeting location is once a week before or after school in the sponsor's classroom). Be sure to follow the guidelines given by your school administration.

2. Catch the


As an Activate Club Leader, you will be responsible for being a Be the One culture carrier. A culture carrier is someone who embodies the 5 values of Be the One (link the 5 values here) inside and outside of your Activate Club. It is valuable for you to have a full understanding of who Be the One is and the goal of Activate Club. This will prepare you to build your team, get support from your school, and recruit students to come to your events!

4.Get approval

  1. You will have to get approval from your school administration to launch a club at your school. Their support should allow you to make announcements over the school intercom, post graphics throughout the school, and host your club in your teacher-sponsor’s classroom. 

  2. Present this Activate Club Proposal to your school administration or school counselor and they will give you the next steps for getting approval from the school (ex: they may schedule a meeting with you and the principal for you to share the vision of the club and present the proposal)

  3. Faith-based clubs are student-led, therefore you will be the one who has to present the proposal to the administration rather than your teacher-sponsor. It could be valuable for you to bring your teacher-sponsor with you as extra support. 

7. Activate Club Launch Party

You’ve made it! The frontwork has been done, now it’s time to recruit and plan for your first Activate Club event!                 Spread the word in every way possible! Personal texts, announcements at school, word of mouth, flyers, you name it. If you are not intentional with spreading the word, no one will know to come to the Activate Club. 

6. The WKND

On September 25th we will have a Be the One virtual conference to kick off all Activate Clubs!! All club leaders will be expected to host a get together at a home where all of your leaders, friends, and people from your school will attend. We will provide you with the schedule and the resources to make this event a success!