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The culture of Be the One can be summarized by these 6 values. 

Seek Him

A fun personality is not all that it takes to impact people. Colossians 4:2 says, “Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving.” Without a relationship with the Father, it is impossible to make a lasting effect on the lives of people. 

See People

We see and love all people no matter how they look, talk, or act. We don’t want a single person to be overlooked. We want to build relationships with all people. Seeing people means loving those who are not easy to love, reaching out to those who are typically overlooked, and never letting your friend quota get full.

Bring the Fun 

We love having fun, but we also understand that fun doesn’t “just happen”. By creating a life-giving atmosphere we can turn a rainy day into the best day ever. At each Be the One event, we want every person to leave with the desire to come back. We want to minimize discouragement and maximize their excitement!

Always Give

At Be the One we understand the value of always giving.  By maintaining an always give attitude, refusing to complain, and helping wherever is needed… we believe that students will see that serving is the only way to grow in leadership and influence. 

Make It Better

At BTO we value leaving things better than when we came. This looks like cleaning up every piece of trash at an outreach location and even remembering that a student’s life can be transformed by attending our events. By having a “make it better” mindset, we can effectively awaken the next generation of young believers, as well as leave a mark everywhere we go. 

Choose Honor

No matter what, you are always choosing something. At Be the One we Choose Honor. We recognize that honor is a command given by the Lord. We believe that you have to choose to honor those who are above, beside, and below you!

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