No Fear (Part 4)

Fear of Missing Out

Hey Be the One family,

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these emails on fear. My hope is that you're overwhelmed by God's love for you and you are taking a moment to pause.

In a culture of comparison and critiquing, it’s a real discipline to pause and praise. Today, be thankful. Don't allow the enemy to steal today by telling you all you’re missing out on. We all scroll through social media, so it can be very easy to think we are missing out. Before we know it, we have devalued our life and are no longer grateful for it. We are all created different with different backgrounds and giftings. Never start the comparison game. It will either build your pride or frustrate your progress. It’s not helpful to compare our stride with someone else's. The Bible says, “God orders the steps of the righteous”(Psalms 37:23). Don’t come under the lie that a great life is one move away, the next job change, the next marriage, or even a different church.

You’re NOT missing out. God has wonderful plans for you. I believe with many in our community, you’re not “missing out,” but God is doing some “taking out.” He is taking out that fear, sin, or distraction so you can know Him, hear Him, and seek Him.

Jesus knew that a life with Him is not a life missing out. It's the only way to live to the fullest. Young person, you're not missing out. Man of God, you're not missing out. Women of God, you are not missing out. Right now, take inventory of what God has given you and speak against that fear of missing out. Stay thankful, stay grateful, and continue to value all God is doing in your life.

When we identify and overcome our fears, love can flow. It's so important for us to know, God loves us, and Jesus overcame anything we would ever fear. I hope you have a great weekend!! I can’t wait to see you this Summer!

Love you,

Pastor Steven Sexton// Founder of Be the One

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