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Welcome back Be the One family!

Pastor Steven here, I am so excited to go into the next part of our series on leadership, "Me, Us, Team, Own"

At Be the One, we are always looking for the next one. The heart of our leadership is not how we can keep our position. We always want to keep moving forward. Our vision isn’t small and at Be the One, we are always asking God for more territory.

This will require intentionality. To have a ministry that is full of leaders we keep the focus on training. Remember, we called to equip the saints for the work of ministry. This is how we develop mature believers who can lead well. Knowing that leadership requires intentionality, causes us to move toward the idea that leaders possess an ownership mentality.

Ownership is real leadership.

Ownership says for every responsibility it will require a response. Owners come early and stay late. Owners lead and care immensely about the people who come to their activities. Owners don’t pass the buck or blame others. They respond to responsibility.

There are 4 hurdles people face before stepping into ownership:

ME, US, TEAM AND OWN. This is the ME phase due to people beginning to ask “what is in it for ME?”

I know it sounds selfish but in reality, it is. Our world has produced a consumer driven society making church and ministry just another event that should fit general interest.

We are confident that at Be the One, you will find a body of believers who act both in love and truth. People get excited about what they see and feel.

The US phase shows us that those who were new, now believe they identify with Be the One. There has been a step toward community, such as coming to a Cultivate Coaching call, or signing up for a BTO summer opportunity.

What does this tell us? They’re planting and there is an investment. Now as awesome as the US phase is, there are still more steps to take before we step into ownership. Take the perspective of how football fans love their teams. They go to games, purchase merch, follow stats and highlights. Ultimately they make an investment, however are they really on the team?

When fans go to the game or watch from their home they are still only a fan. They may love deeply and genuinely care but there is still another level.

The only other opportunity they have than just yelling and buying things, is actually getting on the team.

The next hurdle is when you step in and step up to the TEAM! Once you make the step to join the TEAM that is when you move from just a positive attitude and into accountability. Many step into a ministry just long enough to move into the TEAM phase. This phase is spiritually huge as you step into both accountability and action. Think back to the fan analogy. There is a different level of inspection with players on the TEAM than the fans.

Fans don’t get benched. Fans don’t run plays. Fans don’t have the access that players have.

Once you are on the team, you have a greater opportunity to become known both personally and intentionally. Those on the team contribute to the vision set before them as they are tasked with carrying it out. They are on the team because they have unlocked a new level of investment as they begin to invest. True leaders move from their feelings about where they are at, to working toward the whole team advancing. The last phase is OWN.

Many people want a fast road to purpose. Unfortunately, There is no such road. To step into ownership means you feel the weight of ministry and still want more. You are not just on the team but you're leading at a high level in your role and you have the ability to not only fulfill vision but also speak to it!

Everyone has territory in some way but leaders make the choice to own it.

OWN your life group, and make it something worth coming to.

OWN your faith and spend time fueling it.

OWN your area and make it excellent.

Owners show up and see what others don’t. Owners don’t leave the church unlocked. Owners don’t walk over trash. Owners don’t show up and expect everything to just happen. Owners understand the preparation needed for the team to play well. For any organization to thrive it will take committed men and women who emulate a mentality of ownership. Here is what I want to challenge you with this week: How can you take yourself to the next level? How can you get your team to the next level? Stay tuned for next week for when we talk about, "See, Say, Show."

Love ya, Pastor Steven Sexton

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