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What is up Be the One family!

Pastor Steven here, I am so excited to go into the next part of our series on leadership, "Leading by Example"

God cares more about who you are than what you do. When it comes to character, following through, and making decisions, we want to be leaders who respond urgently. Let’s unpack that thought as it pertains to leading by example. When a leader starts giving, it begins to make room in others lives. That leader now has both a voice and a presence. The respect you give and the conduct you set is an example that others follow.

Fuel your Character Character, it is the expression of our heart’s motives. It is a reflection of our values that encompasses every choice we make. Placing importance on Character is what makes influence stick. We live in a day and time where culture sees morals as subjective. The idea of right and wrong has become preference based. Many leaders are tempted to cut corners, make promises and manipulate the bottom line just to advance in their area. Our culture places the degree on the wall over the degree of character people demonstrate. People are so quick to tell you their qualifications but can’t make the character modifications needed to thrive in the culture that they’re working. That is why we train our serve teams to respond urgently.

Set Margins Respond urgently and make the most of your time. All leaders have to to protect what is important. We are inundated with distraction from social media, travel and business. There is always an activity pushing us to go. People now check their mobile phones more than 150 times a day.

To say yes to purpose you will have to learn to say no to certain opportunities. We meet so many high capacity leaders who are gifted to lead. They want to be involved and they believe that ministry is where God has called them, however they are just too busy. Busyness is a choice. When we feel like there is no choice in our busyness, it means we have missed margins and not made time to have a conversation or fix something that is broken. As long as there is employment and employers there will be demands. Demands will not go away, how you can respond to them is how well you will manage them. Let's talk about 4 margins that every leader needs.

1) Ministry Whether it be family or church family. You are a minister. It was Jesus who commissioned his followers to minister. He communicated thoughts like:

  • You are a light.

  • You are a city

  • You are servant

  • You are salt

  • You are set apart

  • You are called

You don’t have to be perfect but there is a mandate to be active. Living by example means not just being willing but being able, available, and ready to minister.

2) Growth Busy people don’t have time to really grow. To grow requires us to take the time: thinking, preparing, being intentional, and removing distractions from our lives. Leaders never want to just mindlessly manage and facilitate their schedule. We can’t grow without time. We will talk in further detail on this later.

3) Physical Health Exercise, walk, and be careful what you put in your body. God has asked us to keep it! For us to do that, we must stay healthy. We're not talking about eating carrots and kale. I’m more talking about being mindful about your habits. Your life is valuable and your body is a temple. Steward it well and keep it.

4) Spiritual Health Stay engaged on Sunday mornings! We never want you so busy serving that you can’t sit and fuel your soul. That is why we love Attend One and Serve One. That way you can be a church member who is able to sit, soak, and be ministered to while also serving the body! Here's what I want to challenge you with this week: - What margins need your attention? - What can you see that you need to respond urgently to? Join us next week as we talk about see, say, show! Love ya, Pastor Steven Sexton

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