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What is up Be the One family!

Pastor Steven here, I am so excited to go into the next part of our series on leadership, "See Differently!" In order to find your full potential you have to "See Differently."

What does it mean to see differently?

Every day, we are deciphering what we see. When something happens, how does the situation look? The way we perceive the situation is triggered by assumptions, background, and experiences. For you to step into leadership, it's imperative to see differently. It’s not that we stick our head in the sand like an ostrich, refusing to see what is there. It’s believing that what we see can be developed. We see what could be rather than what is.

What do you see? Numbers 13, conveyed that God desired for Moses to call on leaders to start a military campaign to begin taking the land that was promised to them. For forty days, the leaders of Israel scouted out the land of Canaan. They checked the land and soil, and brought back evidence and information of the people who dwelled in the land. Upon their return, Moses called all the leaders together and they began to share the news of what they had seen. They believed that they were unable to take the land because of the giants that dwelled there. They told the Children of Israel that, while Canaan was better, what was before them was bigger, scarier, and harder than what they could accomplish. The Bible records the leaders saying in Numbers 13:33 , "we see ourselves as grasshoppers compared to them." What do you see when you look at yourself?

  • Do you see a person of purpose and vision?

  • Do you only see hindrances and harmful cycles holding you back?

  • Do you see labels that others put on you?

  • Do you see the opportunity to take a next step and own new territory?

  • Do you see God’s hand on your life?

To see is to understand you’ve been given a place to build rather than a place to quit. At Be the One, we want our leaders to see differently. Our hope is that their perspective changes concerning church, doing life together, connecting with Father God, living free and accepting the fact that even though we all sin, God still wants to use us. We believe there is more in you. In order for you to grow the grass, you have to bring the water. This means you have to see what you have and not dismiss what you’ve been given.

You have to see:

  • See those who are listening to the words you have to say.

  • See the skills and talent you’ve been given.

  • See that by serving, you could be a huge benefit to the body of christ.

  • See where you have been given favor, a voice, or influence.

  • See a life of wonderful opportunities.

You have to unsee:

  • Harmful assumptions.

  • The Grasshopper image.

  • All the negatives of what could happen.

In the story we just discussed, Israel believed they were grasshoppers. Who told them that? Did that come from someone important? Did that come from Moses or a warrior from the other nations? That label came from their own insecurities and inadequacies! What label have you believed that is wrong? The Grasshopper label is the worst label you can put on a leader. It draws the picture that grasshopper leaders are invaluable, insignificant and unable.

The truth is they didn’t advance because they couldn’t see anything but pain, death, and hardship. God will never ask you to move forward and not provide the means or tools necessary for the journey.

If God challenges you to take the land he sees victory ahead of you.

Here's what I want to leave you with: God is always asking his sons and daughters to see what they have been given. To step forward and advance into more. God has not changed. He shows us from the very beginning of mankind that God expects us to produce. Next week, we will dive deeper and learn more about how God calls us to "Work it and Keep it". See you next week! Love ya, Pastor Steven Sexton

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