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Sponsor Information 

What is Be The One Ministries?

Pastor Steven and Katie Sexton launched Be The One Ministries in 2012 with the purpose of seeing an authentic transformation in the lives of people. The vision of Be The One Ministries is to see young people activate their faith, elevate their understanding, and cultivate their future as they learn to use all of the gifts God has stored in them! Since the launch of this ministry, countless young people have been impacted and their faith and leadership has been taken to the next level.

What is Be The One Activate Club?

Be The One Activate is a club formed to awaken students to strive for more than just average Christianity. Our vision is to teach young people to “Be the One” in every season of life and train them to become leaders. By joining this club, students can expect to meet new friends, learn leadership skills, be challenged to grow, touch ministry, and connect with Jesus. We are committed to activating the complacent, elevating potential, and cultivating a movement of believers who will reproduce themselves in future generations. We would love to bring Be The One Activate to our school!

Host/Sponsor Check-List:

Because this is a school club, we are in need of a teacher to sponsor/support us for the year. After thinking this through and praying, we believe that you would be the perfect candidate for this position!

All we need from the club sponsor is help in these 4 areas:

  1. Supervise our weekly or bimonthly meetings in the chosen meeting area

  2. Potentially allow us to use your classroom for our weekly or bimonthly meetings

  3. Assisting our team in communicating with the school administration throughout the year

  4. Pray with us for God to use this club to impact students! 


All content, food, and extra expenses will be provided by Be The One Ministries Inc. We hope to officially begin this club on mid-September. We appreciate you for reading our sponsor proposal for Be The One Activate. We hope that you are interested in this position!

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