Why Sacrifice?


For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it. – Luke 9:24



As the Easter celebration has just come to an end, what better a time to talk about sacrifice than now?  Jesus is the poster child of sacrifice.  Not only did he do the obvious: give his life in order to cleanse us from our sins – but there is not a single thing that Jesus did which wasn’t out of sacrifice.  Browse through the old testament and try and find one thing that Jesus did out of selfishness…. SPOILER ALERT: you won’t be able to find one.  Jesus had a mindset of giving everything that he had and was to the people who were around him.

Jesus was crucified on the cross to save us from our sins. And do you know why He did it?  Jesus died in submission to His heavenly father. Our heavenly father.  There is no way that we can ever make a sacrifice that is equivalent to that of Jesus, but we are called to imitate Christ.And sacrificing is one of the characteristics of Jesus we have to mimick.

But what does sacrifice look like for us? Sacrifice is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as something given up or lost.  But sacrifice is so much more than this!  Here are a few characteristics of what sacrifice is through our relationship with Christ:


Sacrifice is selfless.  You can not sacrifice and be guided by selfish thoughts.  Sacrificing mean dying to yourself and acting upon what God is asking you to do.  It is easy to get caught up in what we need to do, what we look like, and what we want that we forget about what the Lord is asking us to do for His kingdom.  This comes from putting the Lord first in our lives.


Sacrifice is your heart’s desire to serve God.  When you heart is in the right place of serving and pleasing the Lord, sacrifice will come easy.  Your mindset has to be focused on the things of the Kingdom of God rather than the world we live in.  Although material possessions and things of the world are fun, they are nothing compared to the difference you can make through serving God and his vision.  We are tools being used by Him!  But in order to be that vessel, we long for the same things God longs for.


Sacrifice is a form of worship. The Lord LOVES when you sacrifice for Him.  It brings him joy.  He is proud of your sacrifice.  When we choose to give up our selfish desires, we glorify God in return.  The Lord has called each and everyone of us to live a sacrificial life, because His kingdom is so much more important than anything we could want.  Live a lifestyle of worship through continually dying to yourself and sacrificing your selfish desires for the Lord.



It’s your turn to sacrifice.  What is the Lord asking you to do right now?  What selfish desires do you need to sacrifice to become a greater impact for His kingdom?  The month, challenge yourself to sacrifice the areas of your life the Lord is asking you to give up.  I promise, He will replace your desires with something ever greater as a result of your sacrifice.