When Women Lead

Activate: But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant. –Matthew 20:26

Elevate: This month, Be The One Ministries is focusing on empowering you all to be leaders.  Through leading, we have the opportunity to reach and impact so many people around us.  Every follower of Christ is called to be a leader.  But often times we steer away from leadership due to fear of failure or preparation.  

First, lets abolish any excuse that may keep you from thinking you can lead:

    1. Leading is not only for men.  The Bible is full of Godly, women leaders!  Look at Deborah, a prophet and judge who helped lead the Israelites against the King of Canaan.  And Miriam, a female leader sent by the Lord to bring Israel out of Egypt.  There is also Esther, who helped lead her people out of slavery through boldness and bravery in standing up to the King.
    2. Leading is not only for adults.  Although we are called to submit to our authorities and those above us, which are often times adults, God also places the young into leadership. Do not fall into the fear of thinking you are too young to lead and make a difference. 1 Timothy 4:12 talks about not being discouraged by your youth.  As a young person, you can have just as much of an impact towards the people around you as an adult.
    3. There is already a leader. There is more to leadership than being in charge of something.  You don’t have to be the head of an activity or group in order to lead.  Leadership can be found in the way you act, speak, and approach situations.  Show the people around you how to live a Godly lifestyle by the way you live.  But, don’t let fear keep you from leading.

So now that we know that leading is for everyone, no matter your gender, age, or position, how do we do it?  You can’t just wake up one morning and be a leader.  It takes effort and persistence.  Here are a few ways to be a Godly women leader:


  • Lead intentionally. Being a leader takes effort.  To make an impact as a leader, you need intention behind your leadership.  Lead with a plan.  What are you working towards? What is your goal?  If you know what you want to accomplish, your leadership will thrive.  There will be a better opportunity to lead those around you when it is clear to you and those following you what your intentions are.
  • Lead by grace.  Grace is key to being a leader!  This is all about how you choose to lead the people around you.  Without grace, your leadership may be aggressive and not accepted by the people around you.  Grace allows the people around you to feel comfortable, respected and cared for.  When the people around you understand your genuine love for their growth, your leadership will be receive in a new light.
  • Lead by example.  To be a successful leader, you must live what you speak!  Be an example of what you are leading.  If you want to lead the people around you to speak up, then you must speak up! If you want to lead the people around you to have confidence, they you must live with confidence!  Those around you will do as you do after they see how it has influenced your life.
  • Lead through guidance.  You can not lead on your own.  What and how you lead must come from the Lord.  The last thing you want as a Godly leader, is to lead people away from the Lord.  Lean into the Word and allow God to lead through you.  Surrounding yourself with Godly women who are leading successfully will allow the opportunity to learn from their leadership.  Ask for advice and grow your leadership skill so that you may be the best leader you can be.

Cultivate:  In what areas of your life are you leading?  Have you been fearful of stepping into leadership in your life?  Focus this month on developing your leadership skills and placing yourself into new leadership positions.  Step into the leadership you were created to for!