The System to Growth Part 3- Don’t Forfeit Jesus

Activate: “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self?” Luke 9:25

Elevate: What is the one thing in life that you are searching for? Peace? Comfort? Justice? Stability? We are all searching for something that we need in life. If we look at culture today we can see that people will look anywhere and do anything for some peace, comfort, justice, and stability . Whether it is going to a Buddhist Temple to get prayed for by a priest, or taking yoga, meditating, plotting a scheme of revenge…(scary), maybe even commit suicide. Whatever it may be, we are beings who were made to need (most) of those things. The kicker is that God is the one who made us that way so that we may draw all that we need from Him.

In the world, it is popular to get everything you need from elsewhere. “You make your own way in the world.” “This company is successful because of all of my efforts.” “I don’t need religion; I figure things out on my own.” We can go on and on, but just like we talked about in the last blog, God is the only one who has everything we need and more. To get applause and a good opinion of the people who hate God, who hate what He stands for, who Hate what He produces (good, productive people of society), is all that you will have in the end.

What is true is that everything is a fad. It will come and go. Clothing styles may change. Popular makeup and hair styles will not be the same in 5 years. Celebrities have seasons of life where they are at their peak in their career. You are also a fad. To the people who don’t know Jesus, you will always and forever only be a fad. To gain a season of good vibes to lose eternal joy, peace, comfort, and vindication seems a little upside down if we really think about it. Growing in our loyalty and dedication to God only comes with great reward. Whether we see it now or we leave a legacy of it to our kin, the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices we make to stay on track.

To testify and bring encouragement, I, myself did not go to college after high school like everyone else, even though I wanted to. I went instead to an Internship at a church in Hot Springs, AR. I thought I wanted to be a high school teacher, but instead after 2 years at the internship, landed an administrative assistant job working 9 to 5 at a ministry while all of my friends were in school. Through this job I have grown, learned my love for planning events, and have had countless ministry opportunities through the people we come in contact with. I was saving up and praying for a car, and had several chances to purchase one, but listened to the leading of the Lord to wait. A year and a half after praying that someone would give me a car, someone did. I was not dating anyone, but after 2 years of serving and learning, I’m now engaged to be married to the man of my dreams. He’s someone who I never thought I would end up with, but God knew I needed him. God lead me to all of these opportunities, and what it brought me was everything I ever wanted. There were many times that I had the chance to take the driver’s seat, but I had a vision and knew that Jesus said to take up my cross daily and follow Him. I wanted the life that only He could give me. Let’s be determined as a culture and the Body of Christ to be willing to gain life, the real way, through Jesus.

Cultivate: Write down 5 things that God has provided for you that nobody else could, whether it be an emotion, a material possession, etc.. Thank Him today for all He has given you.