The System to Growth Part 2- What is There to Lose?

Activate: “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.” Luke 9:24

Elevate: Wait, what did you just say? Don’t repeat yourself, but seriously. If we think about this just for a second, or 5 seconds, we can see there is obviously something we aren’t getting. If I try to save my life, then I lose it. If I lose my life then I will find it.

If we look back on the last blog, we talked about how sacrificing to follow Jesus is beneficial to our growth and to our faith. To follow up Luke 9:23 and looking at verse 24, Jesus is talking about something that is so foreign to our carnal minds. Our natural instinct as human beings is to try to save our life, our skin, our job, our finances, our everything. While all of those things are very important to keep on track, Jesus seems to be making an important point that seems a little backwards to the rest of us.

As Christians, if all we are living for is ourselves whether it’s with the next huge paycheck, or that dream house we have imagined in our heads since we were little, what else is there to gain? Once those things are in our possession, what’s next? What is comforting to know is that with God, his blessings have no bounds, His promises never come back void, and His love knows no fear. Jesus died on the cross so we can experience all of these things that God wants to offer us. When we choose to live our life in such a way that Jesus is the most important one, we have access to all of the things that God has to offer beyond what we can see and what we think we want. It’s exciting to know that there is more than what we can come up with in our heads.

Jesus is giving us a warning that when we fix our eyes on us, we lose what we really need. Yet there is encouragement. When we fix our eyes on Him, we have everything we need and more. Yes, please. Sign me up. We just have to retrain our brains to think in terms of what Jesus is saying here. The believers who can take up their cross, Follow Him, and lose their life in order to gain it will experience all that God has to offer.

Cultivate: Read Isaiah 55 and reflect on all that God has to offer us when we “lose” our life for the life he wants to give us.