The Struggles of Growth: Understand the Fight

Activate: For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. I Tim 4:8

Elevate: Years ago I worked at a summer camp. Every Thursday night the whole camp would break into their bunkhouse group and each group would compete in tug-a-war battle. It was always funny for us to watch those who had never played before to grab the rope for the first time. Many of the new campers had to be taught how to grip and where to stand in order to have the most leverage. It was all fun and games until I blew the whistle which started the match. Then the battle began and the fight was on.

For you to overcome the struggles of growth it’s important to understand the fight. There will be times when the world will pull on you and try to bring you down, just like in that tug-o-war game. Yet, for us it’s not a game. It’s in those moments that we have to be ready to bare down and begin to fight. We are fighting for our integrity, for our legacy, and to protect the presence of God working in our life.

Paul said that He beats his body daily in order to bring it into submission. Paul understood that if He was going to win he would have to fight his flesh. There is a fight that should rise up in you when others attempt to mock your commitment to God. Not where we begin fighting people but where we are mindful that there is a battle happening. Those who have a fighter mentality will not quit; they won’t cave to the pressures of the world. This is what we need in the church today. This is what we need in our homes and schools. Christians who will grab the rope and not give in until the battle is over.

Cultivate: What are the areas that the fighter needs to show up in your life? Maybe it’s a battle in your mind, in a relationship, an area of temptation, etc…? Grab the rope tighter and don’t give up.