The Struggles of Growth: Putting in the Time

Activate: For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. I Tim 4:8

Elevate: Like with any major endeavor, once a decision is made the struggles of keeping the commitment begin. Growth is no different. Yes, there is a natural component to growth that as time goes by all will age. However, that doesn’t mean that all will mature. Maturity is growth in understanding of what is important, what is fruitful, and what is pleasing to the Lord. It’s not unlikely to see the enemy start an all-out attack when someone is intentionally growing and maturing. He doesn’t want anyone to gain understanding and to conduct themselves with maturity.

So what does it take to grow? Time. That’s right, nothing flashy or profound just time. You see if you’re truly going to grow then how you handle your time is the first major struggle to deal with. I meet people every week who want to grow. They come up and tell me where they need to grow, their new method to grow, and how God has revealed to them the necessity of growth. But rarely if ever do I hear someone say over the duration of the last year every day I’ve spent an hour with the Lord, either in prayer, Bible study, reading a book or listening to a podcast.

Why is putting in the time so difficult? With the risk of sounding negative, it comes down to priorities. Most of us value our schedules over His presence. Sure many want it if it fits into an allotted time constraint, like a Sunday morning service, but not you!!! You have been going strong for 15 days so far! I’m so proud of you. Even if you missed a day or two and caught back up you are winning the battle and overcoming the struggle of time.

My encouragement to you is to go ahead and put in the time, in the face of the struggle. I promise, you will see fruitful results. It doesn’t matter who you are maturity is always worth it.

Cultivate: Fix a time in your schedule that you commit to grow spiritually over the next week. Write down the effects of that investment.