The Silence of Growth: The Process of Prayer

Activate: Yes, my soul finds rest in God; my hope comes from Him. Psalms 62:5

Elevate: I’ve always loved to dance. I took several years of ballet and even thought I would teach it as a career. Honestly I wasn’t the best, but I felt safe in the demand of preparation, precision and technique. See, my personality has a tendency to want to do everything right. Because of that I tend to need a lot of preparation before doing anything, when I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do I freeze.

One of the many things I see people freeze in is spending time in prayer. We must feel safe in order to connect with God. This means overcoming the thoughts like: I don’t know how? What do I say? How do I say it? Is God speaking to me? Not to mention becoming ok with silence.

Thankfully Jesus told us what to do when we pray. Matthew 6 lays out what effective prayer looks like:

  1. Recognize Him as first.
  2. Establish Him as the source for our needs.
  3. Empty the flesh out, meaning revealing all the things that are filling us up that’s not glorifying Him (worry, doubt, fear, unforgiveness, sin, etc…). He isn’t scared of hearing what we are dealing with. We really can tell him everything. It is necessary to do if He is going to have His Kingdom’s thoughts, words, attitudes, and ways fill us up.

Ultimately, I believe that the more quantity of time we spend with Him the more quality the time becomes. I don’t think God is concerned as much in what we say to Him as He is the fact that He likes to spend time with us. I do believe He gives us an outline for a couple of reasons. He clearly doesn’t want us praying just to act spiritual so others can see. And He doesn’t want us to be hindered by the “I don’t know how” fear. His desire is a relationship and the steps we take in silence are a path for us to build an authentic one.

Cultivate: Read Matthew 6:5-13 and begin an honest dialogue with God.