The Sharing of Growth: Tell the story

Activate: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage-with great patience and careful instruction. 2 Tim 4:2

Elevate: If you’ve heard me speak there is a good chance that you’ve heard my testimony. I was adopted from a foster home, then my parents got divorced, not to mention I dealt with ADHD, dyslexia, extreme allergies, and asthma. These were just some of the adversities I faced in my adolescence. Don’t get me wrong I’m blessed. I count it a privilege to have been adopted and I have seen the hand of God in the midst of these struggles. Also I’m very aware these trials are small in comparison to what others have had to face. Yet they were real for me.

As believers, we have a unique opportunity to tell the story of how God has worked on our behalf. Our growth isn’t so we can get some heavenly brownie points. It’s so we can Be the One to help people. The Bible teaches us there is encouragement and power in our testimony. In the Old Testament God had His people write down the good things he had done and had them display it publicly so that onlookers would ask the question: What is that there for? And then that would begin a story of God’s might and power.

My encouragement to you is to tell the story of what you’ve overcome. This is an easy way to bring hope into people’s lives. Over the last sixty years faith has been conveyed as a private matter. It has been pushed out of basic conversation. Our society needs the hope of Jesus and we are the ones to share it. This is a vital part of our Christian commitment. Once we commit to tell the story it will produce more growth in us. Remember the Bible says those who give, more will be given to them. Just imagine sharing your victories with discouraged people and God blesses you with more victories. I believe we can make a huge difference if we will be brave enough to tell the story of how God has impacted our lives. Let’s start today.

Cultivate: Find someone today to share your story with. I know just thinking about it can be intimidating but that is just the enemy. There is power in your story and I pray that you share it.