The Sharing of Growth: Be Prepared

Activate: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage-with great patience and careful instruction. 2 Tim 4:2

Elevate: Years ago I got my CPR and lifeguard certification. Our instructor loved to drill us to stay ready. This was evident in the way she trained us to watch the water, know the strategies for crucial moments, and respond with automatic reflexes in an emergency. It was her job to make sure we were prepared because she was serious about saving lives.

When I reminisce about my teacher, the training, and the importance of the task we were being taught, it pushes me as a believer. I spent time, got training, and passed a written and physical test. Today my goal is not to convince you to take a water safety class. It is however to help you see that your testimony is powerful. The revelation of who Jesus is and what He has provided is life saving. This is something all believers have received. This knowledge shouldn’t be kept in secret. It should be shared, communicated and taught. In order for us to communicate this revelation effectively we need to be prepared.

There are people all around us facing crucial moments trying to decide how they will respond to life. If we place God’s Word in our heart then we will train a reflex that communicates hope. This is what people need when they are struggling and looking for help. My challenge is for you to continue being mentored, stay hooked up in church, read the Word, and practice a strong prayer life. It’s time that we begin to take seriously the opportunities we have been given. Let’s live a life that is so fruitful that people around us want what we have. Because what we have saves lives.

Cultivate: Pray for a divine appointment for this upcoming week. Be prepared to give an answer of hope to someone in need.