The Search for Growth: What’s in the Fridge?

Activate: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matt 5:6

Elevate: Without question one of the greatest inventions ever was the refrigerator. Food of all kind is literally within walking distance. However, there is a down side. It’s when my kids open the door and look FOREVER to see what’s in the fridge. If you’re in my house for long you will hear somebody say, “Shut the fridge!” I realize why they go to the refrigerator. They are hungry! One of the biggest questions we are asked as parents is “what’s in the fridge?” Of course my response is always, “Food!”

We all know what it’s like to be hungry. That hunger communicates what is missing, what is needed. As we look at the scripture above Jesus gives us an excellent illustration of pursuing righteousness. I find a few points that just speak to me as I read this:

First is the “those who.” This tells me that there will be some that realize what is missing and seek Jesus. There will also be those that don’t. The world is always trying to stuff us full. Yet as stuffed as we feel at times the world can only temporarily fill us. What’s in the world’s fridge? It’s packed with emptiness. So how do we hunger for righteousness and not the world? It’s not like physical hunger. We all know how to be filled physically, just eat when you’re hungry. Spiritually is different because even when you don’t feel hungry the only way to become hungry is to begin to eat spiritual food. The more we eat the more hungry we get for Him.

Second is understanding that righteousness must be pursued. I’m not talking about a works based salvation. Religion preaches clean up your actions and your heart will become clean, but only salvation produces a change of heart. What I’m asking is what are you hungry for? Are you hungry for power, money, fame, or being right? If so please understand there is no blessing there. The Bible teaches us if we seek him we will find him. Our search for growth begins with identifying what we are hungry for. I can only imagine what God is wanting to fill you with as you diligently search for Him.

Cultivate: Identify what other areas your heart is hungry for. Begin to starve those areas that won’t produce life giving fruit.