The Search for Growth: Becoming Counter Culture

Activate: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matt 5:6

Elevate: As we move through the 11 strategies of growth the goal for the 31 campaign is transformation. Our thought was to take the teachings of Christ and show you that they can be more than just words, they can be the foundation we build our life on.

Our culture loves to promote compromise, by the songs on the radio to the TV shows that air nightly. You don’t have to go far to be tempted. Just open your twitter, snap chat, Instagram or Facebook. Daily we are bombarded with many lies. If we are not careful our mind will be full of wrong thoughts. Once that happens it starts down a very dangerous road. Wrong thoughts lead to wrong actions, wrong actions lead to wrong results. Thus becoming a destructive pattern that hurts our relationship with Jesus.

This is why the teachings of Christ are so important for us. They are counter culture. Jesus teaches forgiveness, our world teaches revenge. Jesus promotes authority, our world promotes rebellion. Jesus shows us how to give, the world shows us how to take. God has called us to live differently. Today will you begin a process to search the scriptures for the right thoughts? When your emotions or thoughts coincide with the world, stop and search the scriptures to see if that is how God views it. Evaluate if your response is a heavenly one. In doing so your desire will begin to be for righteousness and you will begin to grow faster than you could ever imagine.

Cultivate: Choose an issue that you either have a strong opinion on or are undecided on and take a minute to study what the Bible says about it. Set your belief according to what you discover in the Word. Example: forgiveness, abortion, homosexuality, purity, submitting to authority, attending church, racism