The Sacrificial Person


Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13



This past weekend was awesome! At our church, The House, we celebrate Easter by hosting a weekend we like to call “Greater Weekend.” We have a worship night, Easter Egg Hunt Outreach, and our normal Sunday services! This is one of my favorite times of the year, for two reasons: 1. Because it’s a time where we get really creative and fun at my church and 2. We celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made for us by being mocked, beaten and nailed to a cross! This is what I want to spend a little time writing to you guys about today.

Our faith is based in sacrifice! What sets our Christianity apart from others is that our God sacrificed his most prized possession and that he’s a living God! What’s funny to me, is that most Christians don’t sacrifice! They do the comfortable thing. Think about it: we go to the same services at the same time each week, we shop at the same place every weekend, hang with the same people, and (if you’re a poor bachelor like me) eat the same meals everyday! Now don’t get me wrong, routine is not evil. Routine is what develops our character, and makes us consistent. But, it’s when we fall into such a routine that we forget to sacrifice for those around us, that it becomes a problem!

So how do we fix this? The thing I love about Jesus is that he always set the precedent! Jesus was God-driven, and people-focused! To live like that you have to be sacrificial. He always was looking for a way to sacrifice, even before he was lead to the cross! So here’s 3 marks of a sacrificial person!

  1. Sacrificial people look for opportunities to serve. Jesus was always serving until the point of his death and resurrection! When you walk into a room, do you look for areas to help in, or do you look to be helped?
  2. Sacrificial people look for opportunities to give. Giving is not only about money (even though that is a big part). What about your time and talents? The me-first person will hoard up their time with video games, porn and netflix while the people-focused person will look for ways to give it away!
  3. Sacrificial people look for opportunities to be obedient. The bible talks about how obedience is more pleasing than sacrifice to God. How do you respond when the Lord is trying to lead you? How about when your authority is correcting you?

In order for us to truly be the one, we’re going to have to sacrifice! That means serving, giving, and being obedient!



Examine your life this week. Where are some areas you could sacrifice a little more? Who are some people you could invest a little more to? I want to challenge you guys to put others first this week!