Spotlight Artwork Mallory-rsz
As many of you know we are traveling to churches not just to speak but also to partner with other great ministries to help equip people. Here is a story from the road. Christmas of 2013,I was ministering in a church near Nixa, MO, and a girl named Mallory was there. She loved her church but wasn’t exactly fully involved. After a few days of being around her I could see God had a huge plan for her life, I asked her to think about our summer mission trips. She gave me that, “Ok yeah, I’ll look into it,” face. As summer approached we connected again while I was there helping with a camp. We talked again about the summer mission trip. She told me that she wanted to attend one of those trips and in two weeks was with us on our 10 day mission trip. She found purpose and touched ministry. Needless to say, God completely transformed her life. This December I saw her and she was glowing! She is super involved in her church, a leader in her youth group and a leader in FCA at her high school. By the way, she tells me she’s already saving money because she is going on both trips this summer! Her Pastor, youth pastor, and mom all attest to the impact it made.