Men of the Bible: Jesus


just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28 (NIV)


Hopefully you’ve been diving into these blogs. I know our schedule gets packed but the truth is you can’t do life alone. I’m sure you’ve heard about the power of influence. Our heart at Be the One Ministries is to influence you to BE THE ONE God has appointed you to be. These blogs serve as goals, boundaries, racing lanes so that you’re able to overcome distraction and keep moving forward. With that being said let’s get into today’s Be the Man blog.

Today our topic is Get Your Serve On. Yeah i know! You may be thinking “Steven, I have a hard enough time serving myself and I don’t have any time or even desire to serve anyone else.” Or you may think, “ Serving! That’s crazy?”

When I was younger, I felt the same way. I thought being a great man was having power over people where they would serve wherever I needed them. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Bro you sound like some villain from marvel.  But as I began growing into the man I am today I started to see serving in a different light. The truth is, God loves it when we serve. He made our families to function through serving. Husband and wife serve each other, parents serve the children, and children serve the parents. This is how everyone matures.

The scripture at the top of this blog continually blows my mind. Why? Because Jesus was the ultimate server! In this passage of scripture, Jesus is talking to his disciples about why He came. It wasn’t to be a superstar or to play for the Dallas Cowboys! It wasn’t to start his own political party. In this statement above Jesus reveals His heart.

Jesus is wanting His disciples to know that he didn’t come to be their earthly king and build a kingdom of this world. Jesus was on assignment to serve his father’s will. He showed us through scripture that He was willing to give up his power, desires, comfort and position just to serve his Father. Come on somebody! I’m preaching now!

If you have a desire to be a great man, then serve! Serve the Lord, serve your church, serve your youth pastor or pastor. Serve your school! Serve your family! What do I mean by serving? I mean give your best without strings attached. Use all of your gifts to make whatever you touch better! When men transition their thoughts from “it’s all about me”, “it’s all about how I feel” to “it’s all about someone else’s success”, “What can I do to help you,” this is when you start moving into a BE the ONE mindset. This is when you crossover from being a taker to a giver.

Real quick I want to give you 4 thoughts on how to Get your serve on.


  • Serving comes out of your connection with the Father


We know from scripture that God is a giver. (James 1:5, 1Timothy 6:13) When your heart is free from sin and compromise you are more connected to the Father. Out of that relationship, produces a life of freedom which leads to a desire to serve. The truth is God has an assignment for each of us. Stay intentional with your connection with the Father and the overflow of that will make a great impact.


  • Serving always opens up new opportunities


There is a place or a person that God is wanting you to partner with through serving. In my own life I remember serving my church and pastors, mowing the lawn, helping out around the church. I believed those were the places for me to touch ministry and develop. Without a doubt every time I begin to serve freely it always leads me to new experiences and opportunities. From time to time I hear people tell me how they feel stuck, that they’re not moving forward. My first go to question is “where are you serving.” It’s hard to serve long term if your heart isn’t right.  Genuine serving will always open up new opportunities.


  • Serving shows your strength of character


Make no mistake about serving, it produces character moments. Once you commit to serving there are so many other attitudes and thoughts that will emerge. For instance; you start out serving and you’re excited but as soon as the new wears off it’s easy to get offended, distracted, or feel like there isn’t a benefit.  You begin to look at the cost and wonder if it is worth it. I can promise you this if you want to build your character start serving. The longer you stay with something the more you will be stretched. The reality is that we don’t live life in a bubble. When you work with people you see their good and bad qualities. Guest what? Everyone has both! While I’m not encouraging you to stay committed to an abusive relationship I do want to encourage you that if you are offendable you will be offended. My encouragement is to allow your parents, teachers and pastors to not be perfect. Serving in spite of their imperfections will always strengthen your character.

  • Serving builds relationship  

Just imagine how close the disciples were to Jesus. Just image how close Jesus was to the Lord. When you start serving with someone that relationship grows closer. Anytime you’re building something together the bonds of friendship and love grow closer. I believe our culture suffers from disconnection because many people are so self absorbed with their own interest. It’s when we serve others that deep connections are built. If you are looking to open up your friend pool, invest in serving others.   


It’s my hope that you take this blog and use it! Don’t wait! If your relationship with the Father is suffering then repent and make a change. God has so many good plans for you. You are called to BE THE ONE. Jesus shows us the value of serving it is my hope that the spirit of God begins to speak to you about where to begin serving. Much love, Hope to see you soon!