Live with Boldness


“In whom we have boldness and confidence access through faith in Him. Therefore I ask you not to lose heart at my tribulations on your behalf, for they are your glory.” Ephesians 3:12-13



Boldness: The willingness to take risks and act innovatively; confidence or courage.

I’m a small town, homeschooled girl who grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas with a passion to serve the Lord and my church. I was placed in a comfortable leadership position.  I had lots of friends and family support, but something was missing. I helped with a college ministry night in Fayetteville, Arkansas when Katie Sexton mentioned that they were going to be starting a church in Northwest Arkansas.  Right then, I knew I would be moving out of my hometown, away from the life I knew, to start a completely new one.

To me, this sounded like a wonderful adventure! I could already imagine all the people I would meet and the amazing things God would do.  But when I finally moved and left everything behind, reality kicked in.  This life change was not as glamorous as I had originally imagined.  I had to find a completely new set of friends, job, roommate, and church family. I had to invite people to a church that hadn’t even started. I was so overwhelmed; the pressure almost crushed me. I had two choices. Quit or be bold. This was by far not an easy process.

About a month after I moved, my roommate situation was getting a little shaky. One morning, I had breakfast with a new coworker and I explained my living situation with practically a stranger. That morning, she invited me into her home to live with her! It was a bold move for her to invite some strange girl into her house, but shortly after that, I invited her to church meeting.  She got hooked onto the plan God has called her to through The House Church. She is now the children’s church pastor at the church.

Honestly, I don’t even remember the first time I invited someone to church. But I know that I waited 19 years to do it and it wasn’t easy at first. But it was worth it!  Seeing all the fruit that has come from speaking up is incredible. Watching the people I invited to The House inviting many others is extremely rewarding.  I see that God had his hand in all of this from the beginning and let me be apart. There were some really hard days in this season of my life but God gave me the faith and boldness to push through and see fruit.  

Boldness is being willing. I was willing to move into what God had for me. But boldness is an everyday thing to live out. Most people would see my choice to follow God’s voice as a bold move, but it was a daily decision that produced the bold life God has called me to! Life is a series of encounters. We are blessed with opportunities, time, and the free will necessary to take advantage of them. You never know what you could do or say that can positively affect someone’s life and change the course of yours.

— Kelsie Erwin


Start practical. Make sure you acknowledge every cashier when you’re in line at the grocery store. Invite your server to church. Ask the new girl at youth group out to coffee. You’ll find that stepping out isn’t as difficult as you thought it was, and always say yes to the voice of the Lord.  Live with boldness!