Day One


There is a generation of young adults being raised up through Be The One, and they are hungry to do ministry and see God move in this culture! This is why we’re starting Day Ones with the theme: “It’s My Turn!”

Day One Events will be an awesome time for you to bring our Be The One Team to minister to your community! Notice that we said your community, and not your church! We want these events to bring churches together in your city! Our heart is to see youth pastors partner with the common mission to bring students closer to God, and show them that they can have an impact now!

That sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? We know well the stress that usually comes with booking an event. Finding an engaging speaker with a relevant word, a worship team that does an excellent job, and a performer who can do more than just sing a few songs is a lot of work! Not to mention the price negotiating. If you book a Day One for the young people in your area, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that. We will provide a quality speaker, acoustic worship, and performer for one flat price.

We are specifically looking to book events in September, October, and November. If you’re a Youth Pastor, Student Minister, or a Leader in your church, and this is something you’re interested in: contact Devyn Cheatwood at