What is BE THE ONE Ministries?

Be the One Ministries was formed to awaken believers to strive for more than just average Christianity. Did you know that “62% of young people who go into college with a faith commitment leave without it?” In our culture “56% of Christians and 91% of teenagers do not believe in absolute moral truth.” “Churches lose and estimated 2,765,000 people to nominalism and secularism each year,” and “3,500 – 4,000 churches close their doors each year in America.” The statistics are grim, but if you look in the Bible, time and time again the world was in desperate need for someone to partner with God and “Be the One.”

The heart of this ministry is to see authentic transformation by teaching people to engage partnership with God. Partnership is different than just showing up to church…it’s being the church. Our vision is to teach and train God’s people to “Be the One” in every situation and in every season in life. We are committed to activate the complacent, elevate potential, and cultivate a movement of believers who will reproduce themselves in future generations.

How is Be the One Ministries making a difference?

For over twenty years Steven Sexton has been ministering the transformation of the gospels in ministries like Brookhill Ranch Summer Camp, High Point Leadership Camp, and in pastoring, counseling, and developing leaders. Through this, God has opened new doors to impart the Be the One message. With a powerful anointing on their lives, both Steven and Katie Sexton have answered the call to teach, train, and impart as they minister.

Since its beginning on August 6th, 2012, Be the One Ministries has seen spiritual awakening by speaking right into the hearts of those who are discouraged, distracted or in spiritual decline. Be the One Ministries is currently traveling to churches, encouraging many senior pastors, leaders and their congregations. Be the One Ministries has ministered at conferences, youth rallies and churches across the United States and in other nations as well!



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